Messing around on bikes can have goals

Recently I’ve reverted to being a big kid. I’ve hardly been out on a “proper” ride and it’s been weeks since I took my road bike out with the local club. Am I bothered? Not really. I’ve been having an ace time just messing around in the woods, practising jumps, sorting my cornering technique, laughing at mates attempting the same…

I’ve had no any objective to get anywhere in terms of riding time/speed/mileage but I have set myself goals. This is actually more than I do on a “proper” ride, so has been enormously satisfying.

For example a couple of weeks ago I went to Farmer John’s downhill park at Marple Bridge. I was a little intimidated at first since I’m far from a downhiller. My mate pointed me to a tabletop bridge and suggested we try and jump over it. I thought he was having a laugh since it was nearly 20 feet long! The goal was set and we got on with it.

I landed short as expected, but each jump got me a little closer to the other side and this gave me the confidence boost to genuinely think I could do it. After 6 or 7 attempts I blooming well nailed the thing and was chuffed to bits. Even better, I went back the following week and did it over and over again.

Goals. It’s great when you reach them. “Messing around on bikes” can progress your riding just as much if not more than a “proper” ride.

James’ trike


We got a new trike for James a few weeks ago. He’s loving it and I’m sure it helps him feel more independent being able to zoom around with his brother Toby. It could do with smaller gears for the ups and bigger gears for the downs; I don’t think single-speeding is for James. Here’s a taster of some of his adventures so far.