Independent retailers must try harder

There’s talk up and down the country about town centres dying. Many many people have written about this so I’m not going to add too much more. I do have a grumble though. I enjoy shopping in my home town – Leek – because it still has a good selection of independent retailers bucking the trend against chain store and internet domination. Why oh why then do they not do themselves a favour and provide the good service that we want and expect?

I don’t mind paying a bit extra or having a smaller product range provided I get the service seemingly only possible from a small business owner. It’s their livelihood and they (should) care about looking after customers. Today I went in two independents, both of which were too busy on their computers to even say hello. Come on, give me a reason to spend money in your shop, not a reason to turn to Amazon and co!

On a positive note, the lady in Mr Simm’s Olde Sweet Shop was superb, helping my 3 and 5 year olds spend their few precious pence. Well done, THAT’S the service that will keep me spending in my high street.