I surrender

I blogged a couple of times about my fight with Apple, and in particular iPhoto. I just could not get it set up to work the way I wanted, which I didn’t think was particularly specialist and “out there” and indeed worked fine for me with other software such as Google’s Picasa. In the meantime I read of a variety of other Apple users’ experiences and noted a recurring theme: “Don’t fight the Apple way”. In recent weeks I’ve taken this advice on board a bit more and tried to fit into the Apple “eco-system” rather than try and tweak it to my needs. Irritating as it was to give up in this way, the results are so far promising.

iPhoto was the biggest irritant in my Apple experience. Ignoring the niggly bugs and occasional hanging, there was the big issue of being unable to easily and reliably share photo libraries across the user accounts of my wife and I. This was a showstopper for me and the only thing stopping me reverting back to Picasa was the effort involved in re-organising my photos from the iPhoto mess into meaningful folders. This is because iPhoto’s default settings mean photos are imported into a proprietary folder structure based on date and are almost unnavigable without iPhoto. I could go on about this but that would miss the point of this post. What is relevant is that my lack of action meant that I had a load of photos on my iPhone that I didn’t want to import just in case I ended up going back to Picasa.

Last night I decided enough was enough and just got on with importing my iPhone pictures into iPhoto, probably prompted by the near disaster of dropping my iPhone above a brick hearth and only just catching it before the crash. I’d worry about Picasa another day.

Frankly it was a revelation. It’s not like I’d not done this before, but I was reminded how beautifully simple it was to import, organise and edit. OK, so the facial recognition is a bit weak but otherwise iPhoto was on this occasion a real pleasure to use. I wanted to organise my photos. I was enjoying it for a change.

Does it still grate me that the underlying folder structure is going to be a real pain to migrate if and when I want to move away from “The Apple Way?” No doubt. Does it pain me to give up on the idea of a shared photo library? Absolutely. Am I overall a happier Apple user for conceding on these points and going with the Apple flow?




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